Monday Mashup: 8/6/12

A creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.


The past week I was relatively productive in my writerly achievements:

  • Completed and submitted a short story to a Bigfoot anthology which will be published by High Hill Press. (If you’d like to submit a short story, you still have until August 15. Click here for more information.)
  • That short story inspired another novel, and I added Chapter 2 to my middle-grade work-in-progress, Mo’s Shadow.
  • Completed and submitted a story to the Warrior Arts Alliance anthology and contest.
  • Worked on formatting a soon-to-be released, but as-yet-untitled Kindle book of blog entries I wrote on the path to publication of The Red Kimono. These essays will include World War II history, family history, and the twists and turns of trying to get published. If you have a blog you’d like to publish, I used BlogBooker. This website will convert to a .pdf format. I then convert that to text, then Word, and am now going through and fixing formatting errors. Time consuming, but I think it’s better than cutting and pasting the whole thing.
  • Submitted a flash fiction to Madison Woods’ 100×100 Friday Fictioneer Story Project.

So, I feel pretty good about my writerly accomplishments this week.

How was your writerly week?

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Are you a writer who has a hard time thinking of story ideas? Or, are you a writer who has so many ideas you don’t know where to begin? I am a writer who gathers ideas everywhere. My problem is, I can never find where I put them. Regardless of which of those categories you fall under, you’ll like the website, Easy Street Prompts. It is full of photographs, videos and phrases that will inspire even the most blocked writer. Give it a try!

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Much of a blog’s success is in using the right keywords to bring traffic to the blog. Especially on my book blog,, I try to  relate current news events to the themes of my book: ignorance, prejudice, conflict, forgiveness. Here’s an excellent resource for finding the hot topics:

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Photo by: Kristin Nador via Flickr WANA Commons


This link on BookmarketingBuzzBlog contains a list of 12 social media sites that contain useful information and ways to connect with readers and writers. I’ve joined/subscribed/followed a few of them (Grammar Girl, Gotham Writers Workshop) and plan to look into the others.


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“The more you reason
the less you create.”
                                           -Raymond Chandler

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Thank you!

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8 Responses to Monday Mashup: 8/6/12

  1. Another great list of resources Jan! I can’t wait to look up the hot topic keywords. That’s a new one to me and I’d often wondered which keywords to use.


  2. Jan, Actually I was feeling pretty good about my last week’s “writerly achievements” until I read yours. I see I need to ratchet up my efforts a notch! Thanks for all the writing info. I’m learning a lot from your Monday Mashup.


  3. Monda says:

    Thanks for including Easy Street Prompts in your list, Jan. Stop by any time!


  4. elmowrites says:

    Wow, Jan. Just got redirected here by the 100x100project and I’m feeling totally inadequate – I’m never reading your Monday Mashup again! Seriously though, well done on a fantastic collection of achievements, to which you should add “Posted very useful and inspiring blog post”. I’m going to try and get my writing bum into gear now!


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