Creative non-fiction or purely fiction? Only the author knows . . .


Today’s “Word of the Day” is:


 \ BIL-ey-DOO \  , noun;

plural billets-doux  \bil-ay-DOO(Z)\
1. A love letter.
          The literal translation from French to English is “gentle note.” In my lifetime, I have both sent and received a few love letters, and for whatever reason, the ones that are stamped in my memory are those that said goodbye.
          In my work-in-progress sequel to The Red Kimono (currently titled Broken Dreams,) Nobu finds a decades-old letter his mother had hidden from her family. Written by a former lover, it was given to her the day before she left Japan for America, where she would be a picture bride.
          I have “redacted” parts of the letter with ???????? to keep from spoiling a secret:


May 24, 1920

My dearest Sumiko,

I accept your choice only because I know…

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