There are all kinds of mid-life crisis…

Runners-in-law . . .

For years, I’ve watched in wistful awe as women experience midlife and take on physical feats that would be challenging even for women half their age. One example is Diana Nyad, the 61-year old woman who attempted to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida. Though not successful in reaching her goal, she gave it a glorious try.

What about the 73-year old Japanese woman, Tamae Watanabe, who in May, climbed Mount Everest? She smashed her own record as the oldest woman to climb Everest — a record she originally set ten years ago, at the age of 63.

But I think my favorite of all is Tao Porchon Lynch, who at the age of 93, was recently certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest certified yoga instructor in the world.

Today, when my daughter-in-law, Emily, talked about running a half marathon, it brought back memories…

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