Monday Morning Mashup: 06/25/12

A creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.

It was so hot outside on Sunday that I spent all day in front of my computer. Therefore, I was able to get two — count them TWO — blogs done over the weekend: this Monday mashup, and a post for, titled “A Book by Its Cover.”

But did I add any wordage to my sequel? No. However, I did plenty of thinking and wondering and wondering and thinking.

At least I can count the blogs as marketing, and I hope the following links help you to write or at least assist you with marketing your writing.

# # #

On the website,, Guy Bergstrom posts the article, “Writing Hard Headlines and Intros.”  This concise article may have been written primarily for journalists, but it provides excellent suggestions that can be applied to honing novels into a single captivating headline, too.

# # # posts updates on poetry and short story competitions and was listed as one of Writers Digest‘s 101 Best Websites for Writers. I’ve already entered a couple of poems into the Margaret Reid Poetry Contest for Traditional Verse, deadline June 30, 2012.

# # # is an excellent and free resource for writers and is another website that was listed in Writers’ Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers. I am highlighting one page on the website in particular, because I often hear confusion from writers regarding genre. The genre list provided by provides one of the most comprehensive lists of descriptions I’ve seen.

# # #

“Think and wonder,
wonder and think.”
                        ― Dr. Seuss
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2 Responses to Monday Morning Mashup: 06/25/12

  1. Thanks, Jan. I’m going to head right over and check out the genre list. That is still an issue bothering me about Symbiosis so maybe it’ll help me put it to rest finally. As for headlines, I’ve been noticing but not really thinking far enough ahead to experiment, that certain phrasing of blog titles brings more hit. This and also the fact that on some buttons that let you share blog posts, like the FB button, it doesn’t pull the first line of text in the post, but the second one. So I’ve been experimenting with that to make that second line the hook. Maybe to be safe I need the first and second lines to be hooks, lol, I haven’t gotten that far in my experiment. But food for thought, anyway.

    Great mashup as usual!


    • When I used your FB share button it used the first text on your post, which was the caption under your picture of the mashers. On the button on my blog it takes the first sentence in the second para. and doesn’t let me edit. Yours at least lets the share-er edit.


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