A little family history on my Red Kimono blog . . .


One of my greatest blessings while writing The Red Kimono was the dialogue that it opened between my cousins and me about my family’s history.  From them, I have learned some fascinating facts about my maternal grandparents’ beginnings in America.

My Maternal Ancestors:
Great grandfather: Hachitaro Muto (Arrived in San Francisco ,June 21, 1915 at age 44)
Great grandmother: Yone Muto (Arrived in San Francisco, June 21, 1915, at age 42)

Grandmother: Yoi Muto (Arrived in San Francisco with her parents, Hachitaro and Yone, at age 19)
Grandfather:  Fukumatsu Sasaki (Arrived in America approximately 1905, at age 19)

Uncle: Yoshio Sasaki, born April 22, 1916 in Needles, California. First born son of Yoi and Fukumatsu, and the first-born American,  Uncle Yoshio was my Miyoko’s (my mother), oldest brother. Miyoko is the youngest of nine children born to Yoi and Fukumatsu.

So, this was new information for me, that my grandmother, Yoi…

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  1. ruth weeks says:

    I always like seeing your family pictures. Can’t wait for the Red Kimono to come out, it’s been a huge part of you ever since Universe put us together.


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