Happy Juneteenth!


Today is Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the abolition of slavery. I wrote a short story about my two of my favorite RED KIMONO characters, Sachi and Jubie, where they each learn about a holiday that holds special meaning for each other’s culture.

In “The Butterfly’s Song,” Jubie invites Sachi to come to church with her to celebrate Juneteenth. In turn, Sachi invites Jubie to come to Obon, a Japanese dance festival which honors the spirits of one’s ancestors. Sachi is Buddhist and has never been to a Baptist church before. Some of this comes from my own experience, where my mother is Buddhist and my father is Baptist.

Here is an excerpt from a story that will soon be released on Kindle as a collection of short stories and essays about the road to THE RED KIMONO:


A caterpillar
Crept along her timid path
Until she…

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  1. ruth weeks says:

    Loved the short story the first time I heard it and every time I hear it. Happy Juneteenth and congrats on the Red Kimono.


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