Big news!! I hope you’ll follow my new blog, The Red Kimono, at!


I begin this blog with a post about my big and exciting news. I am very proud and happy to announce that my book will be published by the University of Arkansas Press in the spring of 2013. (See note below.)

Many of you have known my book by the title, Broken Dolls. From the beginning, my writing mentors warned me not to get too attached to my title, saying that publishers often change them. Of course, I thought to myself, “But what other title could there possibly be for my manuscript other than Broken Dolls?”

So, when Mr. Lawrence Malley, director of the University of Arkansas Press, suggested changing the title to The Red Kimono, I thought, “Huh?” But I nodded politely and said, “That sounds interesting.”

(Don’t you love that word “interesting?”)

When he told me he liked the symbolism of the red kimono…

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7 Responses to

  1. tedstrutz says:

    Wonderful News! I like the cover… but I saw a nice photo of a girl in Sacramento… with a little colorization…


  2. tedstrutz says:

    p.s. I like this photo too…


  3. janmorrill says:

    Thank you, Ted. Actually the “cover” on the right side of the screen will not be the cover of the book. It’s just something I designed until the “real” book cover is designed.


  4. rgayer55 says:

    congrats, Jan. I look forward to owning an autographed copy of the Red Kimono.

    We missed you this morning on FFF.


  5. ruth weeks says:

    Love the cake! You know how excited I am for you. Broadway is next!


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