Mashed together this week: Marketing AND writing advice!

Jan Morrill Writes

creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.

Things are kind of hectic today, but I thought the links I’ve collected in the last week were too good to skip my mashup. So, although morning has passed, it is still Monday. So, let’s start mashing:

Chuck Sambuchino has a guest post by Khan Ha titled “Rules for Writing and Revising Your Novel.” Khan Ha, the author of Flesh, provides a list of seven rules – all excellent. To entice you, here is his first rule:

1) Find discipline in solitude, in aloneness so you can meet your characters. It’s like a rendezvous with ghosts. Then make that meeting every day or every night with no excuses.

I’m printing out his rules and will post them in my office. The rest of his article is as good as that first…

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