I Love to Laugh

It’s been a long time since I made my last post due to a very busy couple of weeks. The OWFI Story Weavers Conference was a huge success thanks to Linda Apple, Patty Stith and an army of wonderful volunteers. And before that, I attended a fantastic workshop by Bill Bernhardt, just the inspiration and kick-in-the-butt I needed to get back on a disciplined approach to my sequel.

But I have to say that the best part of last week was the laughter I shared with dear friends (that sounds nicer than “old” friends, right?) and new friends. Remember the song in Mary Poppins, “I Love to Laugh?”

It’s a perfect representation of how I feel when I laugh — I float. Every little care is whisked away. With laughter so hearty my cheeks hurt, there’s no room for stress. Moments of laughter throughout my life are some of my most vivid memories.

And it’s contagious, too. Just the sound of someone’s genuine laughter makes me laugh. Remember the laughing baby?

So, though I came away with a briefcase and mind full of writerly wisdoms, the best part of the whole week was the magical spell that laughter cast.

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11 Responses to I Love to Laugh

  1. It was a lovely conference. It was great to meet you too. See you again next year, blog with you in between. 🙂


    • janmorrill says:

      I think OWFI is one of the best conferences around, Natasha. Congratulations on your win and I look forward to seeing you next year! And yes, we’ll blog visit in between. 🙂


  2. mgmillerbooks says:

    Indeed. I can’t remember when’s the last time I laughed so hard, surrounded by so many good, good people. That’s a memory I’ll keep with me ’til my dying day.


  3. I’m glad you all had a great time in OKC. Thanks for the baby laugh video. It really did make me LOL


  4. Sounds like you had a great time. And I love both of those videos – thanks for the laugh!!


  5. ruth weeks says:

    My most favorite thing in life is laughter. OWFI was great because of the gut-busting, tear-streaming, cheek hurting laughs shared with close friends that are so comfortable I could pull my make up off and sit in pj’s. Now, that is a great conference!


  6. Agreed! And we’re looking forward to more laughs at next year’s OWFICon. I know Patty will make sure our funny bones are tickled because she is a fountain of profound humor.


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