Monday Morning Mashup – 4/2/12

creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources. 

Muse, oh, Muse, quite contrary, how does your writing go? My initial response to that question is, “Damn poorly!” because I don’t feel I’ve gotten much writing done. But, when I list my writerly accomplishments, I feel a little better.
This week:

1) I added a couple of pages to a short story
2) I wrote a flash fiction
3) I wrote two haiku
4) I followed up with an editor who is reviewing Broken Dolls with the result some possible good news!

Maybe that’s why I’ve chosen to start my mashup with a blog post that includes lists. I’m a list person — they always help me either to accomplish, or feel like I’ve accomplished.

# # #

Kristen Lamb’s blog has a helpful post by guest Natalie Markey called “Creating the Perfect Time Management Souffle.” This post lists seven items to help writers manage being “many people at once.” Though you may have already seen many of the items on this list, I’d never seen #7 before, and thought it would be most useful.

# # #

The article, “Don’t be Bot-Like: How to Blend Books and Social Media” on the Publishers Weekly website, provides good advice on how not to use social media, as well as tips on which social media platforms are “in” and which are “out.” Interestingly, the article states that author blogs had fallen “out of favor” by panelists discussing digital marketing. Hmmm . . . read on.

# # #

Once again this week, I am including a post on DailyWritingTips in my mashup. The post, “Five Building Blocks of Your Character’s Personality” provides a useful list of things to consider when you are developing your characters, including questions you might ask of your characters. It reminds me of the interview I once conducted with my character, Nobu, from Broken Dolls. Click here if you would like to read it.
# # #

Let yourself be drawn
by the pull of what you
really love. 
                                         ~ Rumi
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