What Brings You Eudemonia?

I used to read this book to my children. Little did I know this cute little figure was brimming with eudemonia!

Sometimes, Dictionary.com posts a Word of The Day that begs to be posted on my blog. Today’s word was:


\ yoo-di-MOH-nee-uh \  , noun;

1. Happiness; well-being.
2. Aristotelianism. Happiness as the result of an active life governed by reason.

I have to say, this is one word that does not sound like its meaning. In fact, before I read the definition, I thought it was a disease. Well, what a nice disease to have.

Here’s what brings me eudemonia:

1) Genuine laughter, especially a child’s or baby’s uncontrollable giggle.
2) Joy that wags from tail to nose when my dogs welcome me home.
3) A phone call, text or email from my kids.
4) Arriving home to a dinner cooked by my husband.
5) Being with family and friends who accept me for who I am.
6) Touching someone with something I’ve written.
7) A spring day.

What brings eudemonia to your life?

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10 Responses to What Brings You Eudemonia?

  1. You, my dear. You bring me eudemonia every time you smile and every time you read anything you’ve written. 🙂


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    The word of the day: eudemonia. Learn all about it from my friend, Jan Morrill.


  3. Russell says:

    I love your list. I think happiness and contentment are the result of attitude. We can train our minds to look for good and find joy even in the darkest situations.

    #5 on your list is one of my biggest thrills too.

    I’m proud to say that I know several Little Miss Sunshines (including you, Jan) who can brighten a room just by walking through the door and smiling.


    • janmorrill says:

      Russell, I agree with you. Happiness is an attitude. There is always goodness and joy, if we keep our eyes open to it. And how nice to be called Little Miss Sunshine! We do have several rays of sunshine in our group, don’t we?


  4. Beth Carter says:

    First of all, I can’t believe we read the same book to our children! Well, based on our other many similarities, yes I can. I have most of that book collection and used to read it to Amy at night. We’d have fits of giggles in her bedroom.

    Great word and wonderful list. Here are some things that bring me eudemonia:

    1) Seeing my daughter in person since she lives in Los Angeles
    2) Seeing my daughter dance/act/perform whether live, in a video, on TV, a commercial (and knowing all those expensive dance classes paid off! Lol)
    3) Spending time with hubby
    4) Reading a good book
    5) Holding our grandchildren –especially the babies
    6) Reading my book to kids and having them be seemingly spellbound
    7) Walking on the beach
    8) Eating Mexican food
    9) Watching a good movie
    10) Being with my like-minded writer friends
    11) T.J. Maxx!!!
    12) Last but not least–writing!

    Okay, that’s enough and these aren’t exactly in order of priority but they all bring me eudemonia.


    • janmorrill says:

      Beth, I love that you have such a long list of what makes you happy. 🙂 And I’m not surprised either that we read the same books to our kids. I loved this series. When we were in Thailand, I found t-shirts with Little Miss Sunshine and bought one for myself and for Andrea. 🙂 I also loved Mr. Bossy, Little Miss Grouchy, Mr. Mischief. (We used to call Adam Mr. Mischief.) Fun memories!


  5. Madison Woods says:

    Haha, I thought the word would be a type of disease, too. I thought of pneumonia when I first saw it and wondered what a eude might be.


  6. Oh, let’s see . . . Raindrops on roses and wiskers on kittens? No. that’s already been done.
    I get eudemonia from: going to the movies and sharing laughter with everyone there because we’re connected as one for that brief period in time. Road trip with friends or family. Watching and petting animals. Sitting around a campfire or bonfire with friends. Being outside with nature.
    These are just a few of my favorite things.


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