#FlashFriday #FridayFictioneers: Lovers Quarrel

There’s so much to love about Fridays, but one of the things I love most is Madison Woods‘ Friday Fictioneer series. Her photo prompts stir my creativity and help me to step out of the comfort zone of my usual genres. This week’s prompt was just one more example of a photo that gave my flabby brain the workout it needed.

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     Lovers Quarrel

     Tessa Toad stared at her beau frog with bulging eyes. “You broke my stool.”
     “I didn’t mean to, my love.” Beau Frog’s nostrils twitched. “How can I make it up to you? Shall I bring you a dozen flies to tempt your pallet? Babysit the tads while you go lily pad hopping with the girls? Serenade you at sunset? Oh dear. I so fear you’ll love me less.”
     The thought of a dozen flies made Tessa’s tongue uncurl. Beau sure knew the way to her heart. “Oh, bull, Frog! Though I may hate you more, I could never love you less.”

Note: I “borrowed” that last line from the movie War Horse. Best line in the movie!

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40 Responses to #FlashFriday #FridayFictioneers: Lovers Quarrel

  1. Susie Lindau says:

    I could see this illustrated!
    I love the last line…So great~


  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Susie. Wish I could take credit for that last line, but I've just added the note that it is actually from “War Horse.” But, it was fun to write a story around Madison's photo prompt and that line. 🙂


  3. That's adorable! I love it!


  4. Mike says:

    A lovely tale Jan.
    The idea of 'babysitting the tads' made me smile.
    Thanks for a great read.


  5. ed_quixote says:

    I like “Tessa Toad.” Where do you come up with good names like that? Names are hard for me.


  6. The Lime says:

    This is absolutely fantastic and one of my favorite this week. I feel like you just played with so many words with such precision — beautiful 🙂

    Here's mine: http://thecolorlime.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/trip-99/


  7. Beth says:

    Too cute! Love the title and the tale.


  8. Russell says:

    I loved it. And just in time for Valentines Day too.
    The last line created a perfect ending.

    I agree with Susie. This should be illustrated.

    here's mine http://russellgayer.blogspot.com/


  9. Hilarious! I'm amazed (anew) at the originality and talent of our group. The dialogue was fresh and funny (though you might want to paraphrase/substitute that last line if you plan to publish elsewhere. Steven Spielberg might send out an army of lawyers to breathe down your neck.

    My contribution this week is at http://furiousfictions.com.

    I also have a new story posted by the very talented Cheryl Anne Gardner:



  10. Susan Wenzel says:

    I love “beau” and “bull” frog. Very punny! I, too, would like to see a picture of your characters!

    ~Susan (Here's mine: http://www.susanwenzel.com/)


  11. LOL, such sweetness in the world of toads! Well done, Jan. 🙂


  12. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Wakefield. “Toad stool” was the first thing that came to mind. 🙂


  13. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Mike. I used to love babysitting “tads” when I was a child. Unfortunately, they didn't always survive my babysitting skills. 🙂


  14. Jan Morrill says:

    ed_quixote, I have an excellent mentor when it comes to choosing names. 🙂


  15. Jan Morrill says:

    What a nice compliment! I enjoyed yours, too, especially the phrasing you used: “It faded as sunlight toward dusk.” Amazing how our stories all differ, though we use the same photo prompt.


  16. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Beth! I thought that last quote was a good thing to remember in my own “lovers quarrels.” 🙂


  17. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Russell. I've always wanted to do a children's picture book. Maybe this would be a good story. Will have to re-word that last line though.


  18. Linda Palund says:

    I think we all agree that your tale is delightful. Flies and frogs and tongues!
    Prose to describe the world of toads and toads stools!


  19. Jan Morrill says:

    Just read your story. After talking to you last night, I was curious what you'd write. As always, I enjoyed it. Loved that it sounded so ominous and serious, but the ending was so light it made me smile. But then, your writing always makes me smile.


  20. Maggie says:

    Nice! And I loved that line in the movie.


  21. Madison Woods says:

    I loved it Jan! I agree that you should illustrate it. I loved Beau Frog and the offer to babysit the tads, LOL.


  22. Jake Kale says:

    “Oh, Bull, frog!” I see what you did there. Excellent work. 🙂

    Frogs have a much more complicated social life than I imagined. I thought that just sat around croaking the names of alcoholic beverages. They're also a lot more considerate than I imagined. Beau is a credit to amphibian-kind. Not just for his thoughtfulness, but also for sticking within his own species when it comes to mates, unlike a certain more well-known frog who shall remain nameless.

    My entry is here:


  23. BlueFury says:

    This was really interesting. I'm not one for romantic fiction but this is a unique direction, possibly even suited to a story for children.

    Good stuff!


  24. One of my first thoughts for the picture had been “toadstool,” but I envisioned it as a barstool that had been broken in a bar-room brawl. I like your better. 🙂

    Here's what I finally wrote (sans toadstools): http://wp.me/p24aJS-2F


  25. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Joe. Your story was very powerful and sad. You did a good job showing us “the other side” of the boy.


  26. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Susan. And I love that you used poison in your story. Funny how we all saw something different in the photo!


  27. Jan Morrill says:

    🙂 Thanks, Siobhan. I like yours about the dog, too.


  28. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Lindaura.I had fun with this one. It's good to step out of one's usual genre. 🙂


  29. Judee says:

    Loved this, such a creaative take on the prompt! Great imagination and well written.

    For mine:


  30. vincent says:

    This was terrific. A great sense of humor that comes across in your writing.


  31. Ruth says:

    Woo-hoo, Gypsy Jan!
    Very creative and cute, cute, cute! You let go of “Miss Spock” and believed. See what fun that is?


  32. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Madison. After reading these comments, I'm kind of tempted to try a children's book. 🙂 And it would all be because of YOUR prompt.


  33. Jan Morrill says:

    I liked the wickedness of your tale, too, Jake. So much fun to read something that packs such a bang in so few words!


  34. Jan Morrill says:

    Welcome to the Fictioneers, Gary! Perhaps one day I'll further develop this story for children. It would be a fun picture book.


  35. Jan Morrill says:

    I have BADGER on the brain!! But I'm glad you liked my story. 🙂


  36. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Judee. I loved your story about Maude's mushroom soup! Like I said on your site, deliciously dark!


  37. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Vincent. I enjoy attempting humor every once in a while. It's fun not to take myself so seriously. 😮


  38. Jan Morrill says:

    Dixie, “Miss Spock” is pretty stubborn, but every once in awhile, she loosens her death grip. 🙂


  39. Palooski65 says:

    Adorable story–I loved it!


  40. Robin Hawke says:

    From stool to bull…clever, clever, Robin


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