Morrill’s Monday Morning Mashup – 1/23/12


creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.

It’s another Happy Monday. I had a weekend filled with ambivalence about editing challenges. Fortunately, I was also lucky to spend an evening in front of a bonfire with good friends. As we circled around, warmed by firelight and friendship, we cast into the flames things we hoped to be rid of in 2012. For me, it was fear. Fear of making changes. Fear of disappointing . . . or disappointment. Fear of saying “no.”

The best part was, as we held hands and shared our energy and support for each other’s aspirations and goals, suddenly I felt less afraid.

So now, back to the mashup. I hope some of these links will be helpful in achieving your aspirations.


Jane Friedman has one of the best blogs I’ve seen for writers. Every post I’ve read provides useful information. “When Do You Need to Secure Permissions” is a perfect example. In this post, Jane gives us concise and useful information, with links to more detailed information about the ins and outs of fair use, public domain, copyrights, etc. If you would like to follow her on Facebook or Twitter, here are the links:


I am still trying to learn the most effective use of Twitter. Though I’ll admit it’s still a challenge, every day I learn a little more about learning to “tweet”, or speak the language of Twitterdom. This article, “Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter,” which appeared in the New York Times discusses several features I did not yet know. My favorites were: “Save Your Favorite Tweets” and “Do Power Searches.” Both are invaluable time savers as we all try to balance social media with writing.


Write It Sideways is another blog that consistently posts excellent information for writers. Its creator, Suzannah Windsor Freeman, posts–and invites guest bloggers to post–“writing advice from a fresh perspective.” This week’s mashup link is by guest blogger, David Lazar: “Five Tips for Writing an Effective Plot Twist.” Not only did I find a few ideas I haven’t tried, I thought all of the suggestions made great writing prompts, too. If you’d like to follow Write It Sideways, here are the links:



I say yes when
I mean no and
a wrinkle grows.

      — Naomi Shihab Nye

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8 Responses to Morrill’s Monday Morning Mashup – 1/23/12

  1. irishoma says:

    Hi Jan,Sitting around a bonfire and tossing away your fears sounds wonderful.Thanks for the links–and I love the quote of the week.Happy Monday,Donna Volkenannt


  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Donna. The bonfire was wonderful in many ways. And that quote has become a mantra. 🙂


  3. mgmillerbooks says:

    T'was awesome, wasn't it? I'm so glad you're in my life 🙂


  4. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Mike. Meeting you was a highlight of 2011 for me! Thanks for your friendship. ❤


  5. Beth says:

    First, what a cool idea–a bonfire and then tossing into the fire the things that bog us down. Right on. I, too, have a problem saying "No." Big surprise.Thanks for all the great links. Just one of these would make me happy. Can't wait to read them. Thanks for all your hard work, Jan. It's much appreciated!


  6. Jan Morrill says:

    It was cool, Beth. I'll let you know if it works. 🙂


  7. Denton Gay says:

    Jan, I'm really impressed with the quality of your content. You've created a very informative and creative blog that should grow over time.


  8. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Denton. I hope the links I share in my mashup series are helpful.


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