#FlashFriday #FridayFictioneers: Red, White and Blue No More

Every week I think Madison Woods has posted the most challenging photo yet. This week, while Madison is on vacation, the Fictioneer guest host, Susie Lindau, has posted a photo, and I said the same thing. What a nice workout our imagination gets every Friday! You can read other stories based on this week’s photo at her blog, http://susielindau.com/.

Red, White and Blue No More

     Wide-eyed, Sam pointed. “I’ve never seen so many flags!”

     “Neither have I,” his mother replied.
     He noticed she looked sad. “What’s wrong, Mommy? Don’t you think they’re pretty?”
     She patted his hand. “Sure they are.”
     “My teacher told us flags used to be red, white and blue. What happened to the red and blue?”
     “Once, our country had a red party and a blue party. Have you studied the Second Civil War yet?”
     “It almost destroyed the country, until finally, a white flag was raised. From that day, it was decided there would be no more red or blue. Only white.”
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39 Responses to #FlashFriday #FridayFictioneers: Red, White and Blue No More

  1. ed_quixote says:

    Wow! Good one. And maybe the answer. Anyone for a truce?

  2. Susie Lindau says:

    Oooh! I hope this isn't a premonition. Great conversation and tone Jan. Excellent!

  3. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, ed_quixote! Part of me hopes it doesn't come true, the other part wishes it would. πŸ™‚

  4. Jan Morrill says:

    Me, too, Susie. Thanks for hosting us this week. Good job!

  5. elmowrites says:

    I sort of hope this is a premonition – maybe there will eventually be peace. Beautifully written, Jan!

  6. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, elmowrites. Yes, one day perhaps we'll have peace. I just hope it doesn't take another civil war to get there!

  7. Russell says:

    What a sad political commentary. The reality is that one color is far more heavily armed than the other. The conflict wouldn't last long, but I'm afraid the end result would be terrifying. Very well written and an interesting twist on the prompt.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Creative use of the photo prompt to incubate a futuristic tale. I like the double meaning of the title, at least the way I read it. Harry Truman said some of the most interesting stuff is the history you don't know. Good story, as always.Here's mine: http://bridges are for burning.wordpress.com/

  9. I say no more flags, period. Thought-proviking story.Here's mine: http://furiousfictions.com.

  10. Susan Wenzel says:

    This was an especially challenging week! I agree. But, you did very well. This piece was especially jarring…and, yes, thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Susan Wenzel says:

    PS – I'm enjoying some delicious coffee right now! Oh, and here's mine: http://www.susanwenzel.com/

  12. Jan Morrill says:

    I don't know, Russell. Seems both colors are armed sufficiently enough that we seem to be in an never-ending stalemate.

  13. Jan Morrill says:

    Whoa, Ron! You gave us a bitter taste of hatred. Well done!

  14. Jan Morrill says:

    I understand your reasoning, Joe. But I still feel pretty patriotic about our flag. Hope the reds and blues don't ruin that.I enjoyed your story too. Lots of conflict in few words.

  15. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks, Susan. I love your writing style and now am a follower of your blog!

  16. Why can't we be color blind? Or maybe we need a rainbow of flags? Something other than just 2 parties. Great comment on the times, Jan. πŸ™‚

  17. Jan Morrill says:

    Rainbow flags – great idea! I enjoyed reading yours, too, Siobhan! Especially the twist at the end. πŸ™‚

  18. Poignant, believable and rich with metaphor, it's amazing what you can do with 100 words Jan. πŸ™‚

  19. Susan Wenzel says:

    Thank you very much…I shall return the favor!

  20. Elise Rae says:

    Aw, this made me smile. I like our flag colors though. Wonderful job for 100 words. ^_^

  21. Beth says:

    Sad and gripping. This had a profound affect on me. I am very patriotic and love the red, white and blue. Well done, Jan! Read mine at http://www.banterwithbeth.blogspot.com

  22. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Wakefield. I guess what makes it poignant is that it IS believable. Unfortunately. Thank you for stopping by!

  23. Jan Morrill says:

    I like our flag colors, too, Elise. πŸ™‚ May they forever wave, red, white AND blue!

  24. Jan Morrill says:

    You're patriotic and I like blue collar guys. Our similarities never cease to amaze me, Beth. πŸ™‚ Loved your story. Guess there's always a silver lining, huh?

  25. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank YOU, Susan! I look forward to following your blog. πŸ™‚

  26. Great piece of writing with a powerful message in 100 words. Well done. Here's mine: http://wp.me/p1Tjpv-8y

  27. Should be writingbothsides.

  28. Of course, there are people who would complain that the white party won, for that matter.Here's my story: http://wp.me/p24aJS-1P

  29. Beth says:

    I know and there's more (Etta James's "At Last" at both of our weddings. Unbelievable. Maybe we're twins.

  30. Linda Palund says:

    I can't find my comment, so I am writing another! I seem to have taken your story to mean something else entirely. I thought you were sad about the end of diversity. When there is only white – there is no individuality. Am I wrong?

  31. Carlos says:

    Yes, a war for peace is alwauys a dubious proposition.

  32. Carlos says:

    Everything is so intensified now, media pervasiveness, propaganda, persuasive advertising methods techniques. It's like the arms race: not so bad when it was bows and arrows, even when it was tanks and guns, but with nuclear weapons, WMDs, it calls for some kind of restraint. And so in political campaigning.

  33. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you! Really enjoyed your story, too. You handled it beautifully through dialogue.

  34. Jan Morrill says:

    I'm afraid you're right, LupusAnthropos. I enjoyed your playful story, too.

  35. Jan Morrill says:

    No, Linda. My only purpose was to highlight the bickering between the political parties, and to provide thought as to where it could ultimately lead. Of course, the end of diversity would be sad, too. Thanks for your comment and question!

  36. Parul says:

    Very nice peace… Love the message it gives and the way you turned the story.. Only white… :)I wish there's a way without a war…Peace out,Parul πŸ™‚

  37. Quill Shiv says:

    Excellent piece! I would love for this to be the beginning of a larger piece retelling the Second Civil War. :)This is my contribution for the week: http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/shrouds/

  38. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Parul. It bothers me where we seem to be headed — particularly that we seem so unable to carry out a dialogue toward solutions anymore.

  39. Jan Morrill says:

    Thank you, Quill Shiv. Perhaps when I complete the 3-4 other books I have on my list to write, I'll work on this one. It would be intriguing! I really liked your piece also – so beautiful and poignant.

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