#FlashFriday #Fictioneers: Home

T.G.I. Flash Friday! Here’s this week’s photo prompt by Madison Woods. It made me shiver, but it also made me warm. 🙂 Thanks, Madison!
     My bones are weary from being on the road again. My shoulders tense, my eyes weary.
     When at last, I turn onto my road, there’s Skipper—waiting patiently, as she always does. Our eyes meet. Her ears perk up, and when I see she is certain it is me, her tail wags. She skips to greet me.
     Ah, home.
     We rush up the drive together. Inside, Our Miss will greet us with a bowl of food. One for Skipper. One for me. Once sated, we shall curl up by the warm fire.
     Skipper. Me. Our Miss.
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18 Responses to #FlashFriday #Fictioneers: Home

  1. Carlos says:

    Wow – another story from the dog's POV! I like that. and liked the evocation of coming home, dog or person.


  2. Dear Jan,Interesting that you are on the road this morning. Makes your story somehow more meaningful. I loved the point of view you chose. Faithful dog, bound to wander, returns at last to hearth and home. Well done.Travel safe, Jan.Happy New Year, too!Aloha,Doug


  3. Jan Morrill says:

    @Carlos – Thanks! Two of my favorite things – my dog, and coming home. :)@Douglas MacIlroy – Yes, I thought about being on the road as I wrote the story. It always feels good to come home.Happy New Year!


  4. Linda Palund says:

    I like that we thought it was the owner coming home to his /her dog. The only thing I missed in your story, was the lack of the snow as another character – but I remember that it is only a prompt, not a directive!


  5. Jan Morrill says:

    @Linda Palund – Good point about the snow. I'll have to see if I can squeeze that in. 🙂


  6. I like it. So is the narrator another dog? Just wondering.http://joelerner.blogspot.com/2012/01/0420.html


  7. cleveroldowl says:

    Nice piece, I will just echo what the other people have said. Love the concept of "coming home." and how rewarding that is.


  8. thecolorlime says:

    I like the rhythm here. Very nice. Thanks for sharing!Here's mine: http://thecolorlime.wordpress.com/2012/01/05/the-driveway-100/


  9. K.D. McCrite says:

    A sweet, sweet story that proves how much you love dogs. Great job, Jan.Here's mine: http://sweettea.kdmccrite.com/flash-fiction-3/the-dog-in-the-snow-flash-fiction-1612/


  10. Russell says:

    A comfort story. I just want to curl up and take a nap.


  11. mjshorts says:

    A lovely story Jan.Leaves the reader with such warm feelings which contrast nicely with the cold of the picture.


  12. Parul says:

    aww! puppy love! :DVery cute… I like your style of writing!


  13. jhardyb says:

    Wonderful story, Jan. Makes me look forward to coming home and enjoying the snowy weekend ahead. I liked the POV as well!


  14. Susie Lindau says:

    Very nice piece Jan! I love the warmth and welcoming feel to it. There is no place like home!


  15. madisonwoods says:

    I couldn't decide if the mc was a dog coming home after wandering off, or maybe chasing deer or something, or a cat coming home after a night of hunting. Either one fit the weary homecoming feel and I loved it. Always do enjoy the first contact with my furry friends when I've been away.


  16. Vincent says:

    Nice job. The stories warmth echoes the mood. Here's minehttp://wp.me/p1Tjpv-7H


  17. Jan, I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award! See my blog for more info :). http://www.everydayclimb.comLea


  18. quillshiv says:

    Aww…two dogs! I love it! What a wonderful story. The link to mine is here: http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/01/06/drifting/


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