Morrill’s Monday Morning Mashup – 01/2/12


creative combination
or mixing of content
from different sources.

Happy New Year! Something feels good to me about writing 2012 instead of 2011. I don’t remember feeling that way about writing the new year before. Usually it takes me a month to transition, but I must have been ready for the change this year.

Hope your holidays were happy! Ready to get back into the mashup? I am, and in my holiday internet perusing, I found lots of good information.

Linda C. Apple posted an excellent blog on the difference between resolutions and goals. Too often, we set resolutions, which, in Linda’s words, are “determined thoughts that weaken over the months. They lose their freshness. Then life takes over and chokes our good intentions for the remainder of the year and our gasping resolutions hold on to enough life to make us feel guilty because we have failed–again.” Wow. Now, don’t you want to read more?

DailyWritingTips is an excellent resource for writers with a variety of useful pages including Word of the Day, Competitions, and Book Reviews. But the link I’m sharing this week is “The Best of DailyWritingTips in 2011,” which includes the most visited posts for 2011 and includes such interesting tidbits as “7 Grammatical Errors That Aren’t,” and “50 Redundant Phrases to Avoid.”

Chuck Sambuchino (remember, Chuck is a speaker at the 2012 Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Story Weavers Conference in May!) has an excellent blog, Guide to Literary Agents. A feature of that blog is “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far.” This week’s post is by author, Miranda Kenneally, and I found myself reading each one say, “Yeah! I like that one!” My favorite, however, was #4: My truth isn’t everybody else’s truth.
In the editing process, when someone questions something I’ve written, often my first thought is, “But that’s really what happened.” Seeing Miranda’s #4 was like putting glasses on. It made me see more clearly, perhaps because it was through another author’s eyes, that it doesn’t matter if “it really happened,” if I haven’t made it convincing with my story.

There’s something about the new year that refreshes and inspires. I hope the links in this week’s mashup help you get off to a good start in 2012!

If you wait,
the only thing that happens
is you get older.

— Mario Andretti
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5 Responses to Morrill’s Monday Morning Mashup – 01/2/12

  1. ed_quixote says:

    The interjection list, "100 Mostly Small But Expressive Interjectionsby Mark Nichol" is pretty neat. Can I use all 100 in a story, or should I partial them out?


  2. mgmillerbooks says:

    Writing 2012 feels so good because it's gonna be your year 🙂


  3. Like the frog focused on his aim, we are forced to narrow our vision, block out reality, as we enter a world of our own creation. It's good for us to step back, look around and reconnect with what most would call the real world. It's the transistion between the words flowing from us and the world around us that is the challenge. But then, it's always the borders that are the most interesting.


  4. Jan Morrill says:

    @ed_quixote – I thought there were several on that list that you'd like. :)@mgmillerbooks – Now THAT makes me feel good!@Pamela Foster – I think most of us writers are having a hard time reconnecting with the "real world" today. 🙂


  5. Denton Gay says:

    Good mashup, Jan. Hope 2012 is a great year for you and Stephen. Reality is shaped by point of view. Too bad pov can be so easily manipulated – makes for lots of crazy talk.


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