"Forbidden" #FridayFlash, #FridayFictioneers, #100words

Every Thursday, I look forward to seeing what photo Madison Woods will post on her blog as our prompt for Flash Fiction Friday. And every Friday, I look forward to reading the variety of stories the Friday Fictioneers have created. Visit Madison’s blog and have a peek!
Here’s my story for the week, based on Madison’s photo above:

He departed in the Spring, leaving only a feather behind.

“Pick it up and think of me,” he said. “I will return to take you to my world.”
But how can I leave my world for his? And he surely cannot stay on this earth with me. Still, I do not doubt our love as I come to this creek each morning; stare at his feather; long to pick it up; imagine his wings enfolding me.

In the summer, the creek, like my tears, will  dry, and the wind will carry away what is left of him. My dark angel.

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13 Responses to "Forbidden" #FridayFlash, #FridayFictioneers, #100words

  1. Russell says:

    Very nice. Leaves a lot to the imagination. I like that.


  2. K.D. McCrite says:

    Jan, you are a great writer. This is sweet, bittersweet, and lovely.


  3. Jan Morrill says:

    @Russell – thank you. That's one thing I like about flash fiction – it leaves a lot to the imagination. :)@K.D. McCrite – that means a lot, coming from such a wonderful writer as you. Thanks!


  4. jhardyb says:

    Wow Jan. I love this story! The ending totally grabbed me! The writing is so amazing – hard to believe it was only 100 words! Well done…


  5. Nicely done! I'm yearning right there with your MC! 🙂


  6. Karen Nelson says:

    Favorite line: "In the summer, the creek, like my tears, will dry". Great!http://kbnelson.wordpress.com


  7. Sonia Lal says:

    Nice! I really like the angel part.


  8. My thoughts are long the same lines as KD's: bittersweet loveliness. 🙂


  9. madisonwoods says:

    Hi Jan, I'm going to try to leave a comment again 😉 My feet are crossed under the table for good luck.I loved your story about the dark angel – it's a take on the feather I didn't even consider. Thanks for being a great FridayFictioneer founding member 🙂


  10. madisonwoods says:

    whoo-hoo! It worked 🙂


  11. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks for trying again, Madison! I made a couple of changes, and I was hoping that worked. I look forward to Fridays, thanks to your Flash Fiction Friday. Have a good weekend!


  12. Jack LaBloom says:

    That is beautiful, Jan. Your ability to see a great story unfold from a photo and translate your vision into prose is pure genius. Thank you for sharing your insight with us.


  13. Jan Morrill says:

    @Jack LaBloom, thank you! I've enjoyed making stories from a picture for as long as I can remember. You need to join our Friday Fictioneers!


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