The Real World

Oh, the things we authors do to promote ourselves. This weekend, a photographer friend offered to take a series of photos — you know, for publicity purposes.

We decided to combine a “girls'” weekend with a writers’ board meeting, and what fun to have a Glamour Girl Pajama Party. I won’t deny I’ve stared at magazine covers and wished to have the makeup artists and photographers to make me look “like that”:

So, my friend packed up all of her bright lights, cameras, backdrops, duct tape, safety pins, makeup — everything one might need to be alluring. Bewitching. Spectacular. Let me tell you, Glamour Shots are not nearly as glamorous as the final product makes them seem!

For instance, here’s our “studio”:

Always careful not to trip over the multiple lights and electrical cords strewn across the room, my friend also became my director, and suggested poses and expressions while showering me with compliments. Awesome fun! How could a girl not feel glamorous?

Here’s how:
Dang breeze!
As you can see, my friend had a real challenge. But, after several hours and hundreds of shots, she did manage to get a few good ones. Now, all I have to do is hope that one day I’ll actually need some publicity shots.
If that time ever comes, I’ll still choose my real world over the glamour world. It sure is a lot more fun.
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8 Responses to The Real World

  1. ed_quixote says:

    Good grief, I'm glad I'm a guy and don't need hair curlers and makeup to look great. 😉


  2. Shaik says:

    Such an inspiration! Thanks for the sharing this lovely post with us. Such as exciting stuff here! Job Description


  3. mgmillerbooks says:

    I'm with ed-quixote. Ha. Yeah, right. I'd rather take a beating with a curling iron than have my pic made.


  4. Russell says:

    I'm getting a visual image of ed_qioxote in curlers, and it's not a pretty sight. Does give me an idea for a character in a upcoming story though.- Ha!


  5. Jan Morrill says:

    @ed_quixote, I'm glad you're counting your blessings. However, @Russell, I can't wait to read what kind of character you write for Mr. Quixote in curlers though.


  6. Jan Morrill says:

    @Shaik, a day when a picture of me in curlers is inspirational has to be a good day.@mgmillerbooks, ouch! Don't let Luna Zega get a hold of you.


  7. Luna Zega says:

    @mgmillerbooks, that sounds like a good storyline for my genre! I have to say that Jan is a really difficult woman to like–smart, funny, fantastic writer and even looks good in the outtakes! You should see the good ones. Stunning!!


  8. Jan Morrill says:

    @Luna Zega – ah, shucks. 🙂


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