True Confessions of a Snowbound Writer

I have been a very bad girl. (I’m grinning as I imagine eyes widening in great anticipation of reading a blog about my (mis)adventures into “bad girldom.”)

Well, let me tantalize you by confessing that in my seven days of being snowbound, I have succumb more than once to at least three of the Seven Deadly Sins. (Definitions given below provided by Wikipedia – Seven Deadly Sins.)

1) Gluttonyover-indulgence and over-consumption – What is it about being snowed in that makes me so hungry? Is it a fear of running out of food, being stuck on top of this icy, snow-covered hill, unable to get to the grocery store for more? Is it boredom? Is it my empathy for the wildlife I watch from inside my wood-stove warmed home? I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had an insatiable urge to nest, to cook, to EAT.

2) Slothlaziness and indifference, failure to utilize one’s talents and gifts – This is THE deadly sin for a writer. I can’t believe with all of this spare time provided by the beautiful, tiresome snow, I haven’t written a single morsel of a new story. What’s the deal? How often during frenetic times of my life, have I longed for stretches of time that would allow me to write, write, write? Okay, I’ll admit that I have done a bit of editing, but not one single new word have I been able to squeeze through my keyboard and onto a page. I’ve spent some time (time that I should have been writing) reflecting on reasons for my slothly ways. Restlessness? Yes, I do feel a bit like a caged animal, which makes it hard to concentrate. Lack of pressure? I do, after all, work best under pressure. I need a deadline! Perhaps I am a passive agressive writer. That’s right. By not writing, I’ll show . . . I’ll show . . .who?

3) Wrath –  also known as “anger” or “rage” – GET ME OUT OF HERE!
Really, that’s a slight exaggeration. I count my blessings to have such a warm, comfortable home in which to be trapped. But, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Three sins out of seven, huh? Maybe that doesn’t quite qualify me as a bad girl.The remaining four sins are:


Okay, maybe I have succumb to one or more of the remaining four. But, those confessions will have to wait for another blog entry.

For now, as another 4-10″ of snow ascends upon us, I am going to try to redeem myself – at least in my slothly writer ways. I will write. I will write. I will write.

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2 Responses to True Confessions of a Snowbound Writer

  1. Patty says:

    Oh my. Aren't you having fun?! I'm actually more productive when it's cold and snowing. I LOVE it. Could be those 10 months of being snowbound every year that led to that. Life in the Arctic thought me a few other things, such as: The chocolate supply is as important as the booze supply. And cold winter nights–which are 24 hours long for most of the winter–lead to lots of lust. Hey, there's not much else to do. 🙂


  2. Russell says:

    I too, must confess to gluttony and laziness. I began last weekend with powerful intentions of writing, but wound up working on taxes instead (what a dreadful task!).Today, I finally started on "The Path of Most Resistance." Wrote two whole paragraphs and rearranged the words several times. Then I got distracted and started thinking about some of them other sins . . .


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