God Winked

Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I drove to the airport to pick up my daughter, my mind racing with a frenetic “To-Do” list for the coming days:

1) Pick up last minute, forgotten items at the grocery store. (I did this about four times.)
2) Go to the bakery to pick up birthday cake.
3) Purchase extra pillows for overnight guests.
5) Clean the toilets.

Faster than the miles that ticked on the odometer, I added new items to my list:

6) Pick up more candles.
7) Look for the tablecloths.
8) Buy pretty paper plates.

I changed stations on my XM Radio from Fox News Talk, to 60’s music. I needed something upbeat, no arguing about the same old political stuff on that day! When I couldn’t get into the song that played, I changed stations again, this time to Oprah Radio with Maya Angelou.

I cleared my mind of thoughts just long enough to hear her say, “I thank God for rainy days.” She told the story of preparing for a large outdoor party, when suddenly, dark clouds began to form, and a downpour began. But she said she thanked God for that rain, because it gave her the opportunity to be more creative, and it made her thankful for the good friends she had who helped her pull the party together indoors.

Profound, yet so simple. What we count as our blessings is all a matter of perspective.

So, though Wednesday it was sunny and warm, a perfect day to sit outside around the fire pit, Thanksgiving Day had turned bitterly cold and rainy, with sleet and snow later in the afternoon. The weather kept my 22 guests locked up in the house with me as I chopped, stirred, slurped, sipped, and washed, and NOT outside enjoying cool, crisp autumn air near the fire pit scented by burning cedar.

But, it also allowed me to enjoy bits and pieces of everyone’s conversation. It kept my sisters and children close by, constantly offering help in the kitchen.

Any time I felt the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving tightening in my back, I looked outside at the first snowfall of the season, even at the sleeting rain and thought to myself, “Thank God for rainy days.” And looking around at the people I loved, I was reminded of all I have to be thankful for.

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5 Responses to God Winked

  1. ed_quixote says:

    Let me check out with you what I took away from your blog entry: go with the flow; God will provide. My response: perhaps. It's difficult to figure out when we should be swimming against the current, and no doubt we all get it wrong some–maybe as much as half the time. 😉 And even when we're right–or wrong–unintended consequences second-guess us, later if not sooner. Life is complicated, but that's what makes it fun.


  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Thanks for commenting, ed_quixote. Actually, the message I was trying to get across was that blessings are in the eye of the beholder, and that I am aware that I need to look at my glass half full.


  3. Russell says:

    In the words of Roger Miller, "You can't roller-skate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you want to."It's all in the attitude.


  4. Jan Morrill says:

    I love that quote, Russell! Thanks for re-stating my point – it's all in the attitude.


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